Techie Shot :: Macro Monday

This is my first entry for Macro Monday on Lisa's Chaos.  All I have to do now is wait for other parts of the world to catch up with my Monday.

The plant featured is my daughter's Tillandsia tectorum (a.k.a. Techie).  

The plant is grown on the roofs of locals of Ecuador and Peru.  The Latin "tectorum" meaning "of the roofs", hence its common name "Roof Air Plant".  Another common name is "Rock Air Plant" because it is a lithophyte, which means it usually grows on rock.

The hairy appearance of its narrow leaves are due to its almost silver scales (trichomes) which reflect sunlight.  No need to worry about sunblocks and SPFs.  These trichomes are also responsible for absorbing moisture and nutrients.

They are quite tricky to care for locally.  They require full sun which should not be a problem here in the tropics.  However, they dislike moisture which poses a problem given the humidity and rains in this country.  It is the rainy season right now (currently expecting Super Typhoon Megi to pass North of Manila) so Techie is now inside the laundry room.  She is exposed to full sunlight only until noon.  I think this is why she is extremely slow-growing.