Once Upon A Typhoon

If a typhoon can do this to a crane, what chance do plants have?


We officially moved into our new home early this year.

The water supply used to be a problem in this part of the metro so the former owner had his garden replaced by cement.  When the old structure was taken down, the builders of our house left the surrounding cement in place.

All we had initially were "pocket gardens" and plant boxes running along the front of the house and along half of the east wall.  

This is why most of the plants I purchased were Tillandsias.  No need for soil.  Other than those planted in the pocket gardens, the rest of my plants are in pots. 

I live in the Philippines where tropical cyclones affect the country in the second half of the year.  A typhoon has winds of up to 185 kph (100kn) and a super typhoon has winds exceeding this.

You can imagine my worry every time I find out that another typhoon is coming our way.  The winds can usually uproot trees, not to mention blow away my tiny babies.


The pictures in this post were taken after the second tropical cyclone of the year, Typhoon Conson, renamed Basyang locally.  It was a typhoon which killed at least 102 people and caused damages worth 378M 2010 Php (8.17M 2010 USD).

 The road outside:


This is not a neighbor's tree extending into our yard.


The wind broke it and it almost fell on my car.  


 Even our carport, eaves and the walls of the house were not enough buffer against the wind and rain.


Thankfully, most of my plants survived.  I monitor the weather regularly and had enough warning to evacuate most of my plants.


I had them everywhere.  In the laundry room, pantry, kitchen, dining room and living room.  

When we decided to buy the house, the biggest negative factor for me was not having enough ground to plant on.  After this year's typhoons and super typhoon, it seems that having my plants in pots may be a blessing after all.

***For more recent typhoon effects, you can watch a video on the blog of Solitude Rising:

 Solitude Rising:  When Nature Strikes

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