The Little Garden Story

My children usually go with me on plant chasing adventures.  

They hang out in the garden with me, occasionally helping, while I tend to my plants.  Gabby asks a lot of questions about the plants.  Luis is more interested in bugs, frogs and snails -- really, that's what little boys are made of. 

They each have a Tillandsia of their own, personally chosen by them. A Tillandsia tectorum for my daughter and a Tillandsia seleriana for my son.  

For today's post, I'd like to share a short video that my 9-year old daughter, Gabby made for me.  

"This is a video for my dad's plant blog :3 Hope you like it!!

STORY: Ok, so this little girl was walking and sat down beside this flower, her friend comes along and gives her a popsicle. She eats the popsicle, but her friend's popsicle fell down. So she gives her friend a flower, Then a few years later, they have created a huge garden together!!! using the flower she gave :D "

Thanks, Gabby!  Daddy is so proud of what you can do.  I love what you have made for me.