Something Fishy


By Keven Law from Los Angeles, USA [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


This is not a fish out of water but the leaflet of Caryotamitis, also known as the Clustering Fish Tail Palm, that is native to the Philippines.  Originally, I wanted the  Caryotacumingii but all Caryota species are monocarpic and I was hesitant to lose my palm after blooming.  I opted for the C. mitis because of its clustering habit.  At least this will ensure that I will enjoy the plant much longer.

This plant is highly ornamental because of its unique leaves and leaflets.


My Caryotamitis now has two trunks and another smaller one is starting to emerge.  This species has a white flower but my palm hasn't bloomed yet.  I don't want to rush the blooming process either.  Why not?  I'll say it again . . . "monocarpic".

It likes full sun and moist soil.  I also use animal dung as fertilizer. No need for an aquarium to keep this plant alive.


Isn't it surreal to have three green "fishes" floating in air?