Eye on Ionantha

Don't we all love staying amidst our plants?  Breathing in the scent of nature? Doing routine chores such as watering and weeding yet finding relaxation in the rote?  Watching the plants grow day by day?   

Judging from the many flowers featured by blotanical bloggers, all of us most enjoy watching flowers bloom.  


Tillandsia ionantha 'apretado'No fall colors in this two-season country.  No excitement about planting tulips.  No pictures of the first frost.  No waiting for the cherry blossoms to transform an otherwise mundane scenery.

Instead, I watch for the leaves of my Tillandsias to turn maroon or red from silver, grey or green. I wait for the day when my Tillandsias shoot their long, colorful and extraordinary  inflorescence. For Tillandsias, blushing leaves signal the long awaited  flowering process. From this very point my eyes are on my Tillandsias.


Tillandsia ionantha 'fuego'Tillandsia ionantha 'huamelula'Tillandsia ionantha guatemala form


Tillandsia ionantha 'huamelula' pollenTillandsia ionantha 'huamelula' in all its colorful glory.

I am a witness to this spectacular show from nature.