Pervy Plant Lovers :: Rated PG-13

It's not what you are thinking.  This post is not about some form of warped dendrophilia or about something akin to SNL's Molly Shannon (if you click on the link, it starts at 00:22).

This post is about dirty-minded botanists from the 1700's, namely John & William Bartram, Peter Collinson, William Darlington, Arthur Dobbs, John Ellis, and Daniel Solander, and a carnivorous plant known as the Venus Flytrap or the Dionaeamuscipula.


According to author Barry Rice (referenced below), "When they looked at the plant, they saw in its amazing behavior and attractive form (two red, glistening lobes, surrounded by hairs, sensitive to the touch), something that reminded them of female genitalia of their own species." Disclaimer: The first time I saw a Venus Flytrap it never crossed my mind to think of it as something resembling the female genitalia.

Thus, Venus, for the goddess of love and flytrap, for its capabilities.


Venus the goddess of love is known as the daughter of Zeus and Dione.  Hence, the genus name Dionaea.  The species muscipula, however, does not refer to a fly trap but to a mousetrap.  It is thought that John Ellis chose both genus and species name to put down in history their appreciation of the plant as similar to a love-goddess capturing mammals inside her.


My specimens are D. muscipula clone#5, purchased from the Pitcher Plant Farm.  The leaves are more green than red so they might not be getting enough sunlight or they are still too young.  They seem to be slow-growing.  None of them have flowered yet.  Not a single fly trapped.

They are quite difficult to grow. The medium should be kept moist at all times. It can only be watered with rain water or distilled water, otherwise, it would slowly die. The fact that my plants are still alive for more than five months is an achievement in itself. Congratulations to me :-)


Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) closing after one of the trigger hairs is stimulated.  By Markus Nolf of

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