Special Tulips

To the best of my knowledge I've only given my wife red roses once.  I rarely give her flowers but when I do, these are usually not the conventional "romantic" ones.

On the night I proposed to her, I decided to give her tulips.  Hardly ever grown in the tropics, they would be a unique and beautiful gift.  Since then, I have tried to find/chase similar colored tulips to give to her on special occasions but was never succesful.  Maybe the timing of the purchase wasn't right or that particular color was not brought in by the importer.

Last night, I had to make a last minute run to the mall to get my children flowers that they were required to bring to school.  Serendipity struck!  I came across the tulips that had been hard for me to find -- on the eve of our wedding anniversary no less.


Twelve years of marriage and it just keeps getting better.  To the moon and back!

Picture 2.jpg

*** Thanks to Shirley for helping me out with the mosaic.