A lot of plants are named after their similarity with another object.  Some are imagined like Dionaea muscipula and some are real like Caryota mitis and this post's featured plant Tecoma stans.  Tecoma stans is also popularly known as the yellow trumpetbush or trumpetflower.

It was named after the trumpet due to the similarity of the appearance of its flowers.  The trumpet is a musical intrument that produces one of the loudest sounds.  It's so loud that it can pierce your ear.  The trumpet stands out in the company of other musical intruments like in the case of an orchestra or a drum and bugle corps.

The trumpetflower is becoming a popular plant in landscaping due to its flamboyant display of bright yellow flowers not to mention its low maintenance requirements.  It tolerates poor soil and drought.  It thrives without feeding.  One thing that it loves is sunlight.  It should be exposed to full sun in order for it to flower well.

It is considered as a weed in Australia and what a lovely weed it is.  I do not mind this weed at all.

Look at my trumpetflower.  Can you see the similarity?  And when it flowers, it's colors are just as loud. 

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