We Are Family

I was watching this video when I thought of the concept of family. Family is the most fundamental social group where the members love each other and care for each other. I felt sad for plants because, unlike humans and animals, they can't have their own family.

I was wrong. Plants can have their own family and there is at least one family living right in my garden. I don't exactly know their surname but I do know each of them very well.

Meet the daddy.Tillandsia ionantha (pollinating parent)

He likes sunlight and enjoys the breeze of fresh air. He doesn't drink much water. He doesn't grow very big. He looks like a mini pineapple. When he is mad he turns red. 

Meet the mommy.Tillandsia seleriana (mother plant)

Like the daddy, she likes sunlight too. She does not take a bath often because she might rot. She can hang upside down and this does not bother her. She can produce a beautiful pink or red inflorescence. She may look weird but daddy loves her still.

Meet the baby.Tillandsia hybrid (T. seleriana x T. ionantha)

Baby got the genes of both daddy and mommy but I think more of mommy's genes. 

Here's the portrait of this one happy family.

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