Urban Gardens

I usually schedule my "plant chases" on weekends.  Preferably on a Saturday morning after I've dropped my wife of at work.  Two Saturdays ago, though, I requested that we take separate cars in the hopes that I could fill my car up with "plant loot" from Horticulture 2011.


The show featured many Philippine plant species of flowering and shade trees, fruit bearing trees, bonsai trees, ferns, cycads, orchids, etc.  There were many interesting gardens and flowers in the exhibit.  Quite a number caught my attention.


An exhibit of the Philippine Orchid Society group done by Malvarosa Orchids and Ornamental Farm.  The farm is owned by former Justice Secretary Hernando B. Perez.  It is located in the town of Malvar and Atty. Perez' wife's name is Rosario, hence the name of the farm.  It seems Atty. Perez likes to create hybrids not just of plants but of names as well.


This is the exhibit put up by the pteridologists of the PHSI's Fern Study Group.


This landscape design was by the group of Jun Golamco, Bong Makawile and Lawrence Chan.


Featured below are the colorful blooms of King Louis Plants and Flowers, Inc. which is known for producing some of, if not the best hydrangeas in the country.  Its owner, Mr. Vicente Puyat, was once known as the country's  "King of potted plants and flowers".  The company has several nurseries but the main one is located near Baguio City which is in the Cordillera mountain range of Luzon.  The area has a subtropical highland climate leading to its being named the "Summer Capital".  Unfortunately, a recent spell of unusually cold weather made King Louis' blooms retract, forcing them to rely on their other nurseries.


Botchie Canicula's design.  Botchie is one of the more dynamic members of the Horticultural Society. I bought some of my tillandsias from him. I think he specializes in aroids.


The "Most Inovative Landscape Exhibit" was by Serapion Metilla for the exhibit of the Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines (CSSP).  By the upper left of the window are hanging plants, specimens of Dischidia oiantha, known locally as Manaog ka Irog (trans: "Come down, love").  The rest of the plants are crassulas, haworthia, kalanchoes and tillandsias.


A pathway through native trees.  This was designed by Norma Villanueva with the help of Ali from the Manila Seedling Bank Foundation nursery.


There was also a fernery garden by George Mendoza.


Last but not least is Vic de Rona's Japanese garden composed of Bonsai of native trees.


Other participants included the Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society,  Aroid Study Group and the Hoya Study Group of the PHSI.

There were also very interesting lectures with plant specimens (some with cash inserted between stems!!!) being raffled off to the attendees.  How can you beat that?  In one sitting, you get expert tips about plant care, a plant specimen to take home and you get extra money to buy additional plants as well.


Black anthurium with additional cash prize for the raffle of Mrs. Vangie Go's lecture.


May Pera sa Halaman courtesy of Edsyl Cayabyab.  Translation:  Money in the Plant.

There are some more exciting shows are lined up for the rest of the month:

Alabang Garden Show onFebruary 15 to 23, 2011


Orchid Show of the The Philippine Orchid Society, Inc. onFebruary 24 to March 07, 2011

In the meantime, please watch out for my next post which will feature a couple of individual plants that I found interesting during Horticulture 2011.