Yesterday was my birthday.  It was also the birthday of my son and two other friends, Marc and Mike.  The day before was the birthday of my lovely goddaughter Krizhca and of my blogger friend who loves plants that can hurt you, Loree.  Today is the birthday of my mother-in-law.  Tomorrow is the birthday of another lovely friend, Asra.  The month also ends with the birthday of a very good friend and colleague, Clarence.  So many celebrations and so many things to be thankful for.

EDIT:  Other July celebrants I've come across in my blog crawl include Laura and Diana.

In about two weeks, I have another milestone to celebrate.  PlantChaser.com turns 1 year old on August 7!

As a way of saying thank you to my friends and visitors on this first birthday, Plant Chaser would like to share the joy with you by giving away three token gifts.


To all my blogging friends, those who have been with me this past year, as well as the newer ones, up for grabs is one gift card worth Php4000.  

  1. Include/feature in a future post, a plant with a genus from any of those listed in my Categories (left hand side of this page).
  2. Link to this site.
  3. Add your Linky at the bottom of this post. 


For my Facebook friends who've always liked my links (and I hope you also like my new page): raffle prize is one gift card worth Php2000.  

  1. Post a picture of an amazing plant on my FB page and let us know why you think it is amazing.


For all my Twitter followers: raffle prize is one gift card worth Php1000.

  1. Tweet an interesting plant fact to me.
  2. Email your real name and Twitter name to bom at plantchaser dot com.


* If you blog, tweet and "like", hey, more ties means you've supported me more and therefore more chances of winning. Just one post, tweet and FB entry each though.

** In addition to the gift cards, local winners will also receive a tillandsia from me.

*** International winners will receive gift cards of an equivalent amount.

****  Winners will be chosen randomly.

I'd like to share seedlings and grown plants but that would limit the celebration locally.  Import permits, phytosanitary certificates and CITES can complicate things and take away from the fun.  Thus, gift cards it is.  No need to disclose anything.  The amounts were generously given by a sponsor who shall remain anonymous.

Contest begins NOW!!!  It all ends on August 6, 2011 at 12 noon (GMT +8).  Winners will be announced August 7, 2011.



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