Typhoon Orchid

Thirty-one years ago, around this time of the year, powerful Typhoon Orchid roared in the Pacific. It threatened the Philippines but it recurved north northwest and unleashed its full fury on Japan. It left a large swath of destruction and a number of casualties.

Typhoon Orchid near landfall on Kyushu, Japan on September 10, 1980. This is a public domain image from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Today, as the Philippine Orchid Society is celebrating its 65th mid-year garden show, powerful Typhoon Nanmadol is wreaking havoc in the Northern Philippines. Its wide rainbands are dumping heavy rains in most of the Northern Philippines, including Metro Manila, as of this writing.

Typhoon Nanmadol definitely affected the garden show. Some orchid flowers on display were damaged by the heavy rains. The ground was soaking wet. The number of visitors was visibly affected, at least when I was there. 

Good thing that the current typhoon is not named Orchid or this could be irony at it's best.

Typhoon conditions or perfect weather, perfect flowers or drenched flowers, the show must go on.

Posted with permission from the Philippine Orchid Society.Dendrobium tiongii

Colmanara wildcat 'Red Star'

I was not able to make note of the ID of this beauty.

Comanara Wildcat 'Green Valley'

Another beauty whose name I did not get.

Blc. malvarosa 'Ruby'

Dendrobium bracteosum

Renanthera storiei

Calanthe sp.

Habenaria myrotricha

Blc. 'Liu's Joyance'

Phalaenopsis equestris

Grammatophylum multiflorum var. citrinum

Blc. Christine Bersola-Babao

Vandopsis lissochiloides

Cymbidium 'Ms. Taipei'

By Manuel & Susan Lee. Best Orchid Showcase.

By Malvarosa Orchids & Nani Perez.  Best Orchid Exhibit.

A closer view of the orchids of Atty. Nani Perez.

Trichoglottis brachiata of Purificacion Orchids.  Best Monopodial Orchid.

Aerides lawrenceae of Vangie Go.  Best Philippine Species.

Epidendrum floribundum of Vangie Go.  Best Sympodial Orchid.  Best Foreign Species.

Vanda (Euanthe) sanderiana "alba" of Arid & Aroids.  Best Vandaceious Alliance.  Best Vanda sanderiana.  Best in Show. 

Other winners include:


  • Best Cattleya:  Bc. Mt. Hoos Delco Point of Malvarosa Orchids & Nani Perez
  • Best Dendrobium:  Den. UH  800 x 306 x KB White of VS Orchids & Mark Spowart
  • Best Oncidium:  Onc. leucochilum of Purificacion Orchids
  • Best Phalaenopsis:  Phal. Sogo Yukidian ' V3' of Purificacion Orchids
  • Best Cultured Plant:  Den. UH  800 x 306 x KB White of VS Orchids & Mark Spowart
  • Best Ornamental Exhibit:  Mett's Plant Art Shop


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