Plant Clinic

A clinic is defined as:

  • a place or hospital department where outpatients are given medical treatment or advice, esp. of a specialist nature
  • an occasion or time when such treatment or advice is given
  • a gathering at a hospital bedside for the teaching of medicine or surgery 


  • a conference or short course on a particular subject

My wife is a doctor so while she deals with "clinics" on a daily basis, I do not.

My kids had a tennis clinic last summer and so I thought why not involve myself in a clinic too.

Remember my Dyckia 'Platyphylla'?  I posted about the Dyckia the first time it bloomed.

Well, it bloomed again.

Below is a close up after the flowers dry up.

There are several seeds in each pod.

Multiply the number of seeds with the number of pods and then add to that the fact that my Tillandsia balbisiana had also bloomed . . . suffice to say that's a lot of seeds. 

I had planted previous batches of seeds and was relatively successful with them so I decided to share this batch of seeds with "plant newbies".  Friends who have shown interest in plants but aren't as die hard as I am (yet).

Meet (L-R) Chito, Pals, Sha and Paul.

Collecting seeds from the T. balbisiana.

I've already written about growing Tillandsia from seed so I won't give details in this post.  If you're interested though, you can read about it here:  "From Finish to Start".

Once the Dyckia and Tillandsia seeds were collected, the containers were prepared.

Filling containers with soil.

Sterilizing the soil . . .

. . . and spreading the seeds on top.

We planted the seedlings last April 9.  This is what my container looked like today.

Here is a picture of 2 month old seedlings from my May 2011 batch.

The May 2011 batch as of today.  They're not evenly distributed in the picture because stray cats keep tipping over my seedling shelves resulting in the seeds mostly growing on one side of the container.

So far, everyone else's seeds have also germinated and according to them are doing good.

I think it was successful and everyone had fun.  There were also some hearty laughs.  I had sent out the following message.  *** "yung malalim" loosely translates to "deep kind".

I guess I could have been more specific.  I had meant regular microwaveable take out containers and old stockings.  Not these.  The stockings were technically okay, I just didn't expect them to have a design.  :D


Quick Poll Update:

 I had a poll on which garden to visit on my trip to the USA.  For those of you who voted, it was a tie between the San Francisco Botanical Garden and the New York Botanical Garden.  Unfortunately, I did not find the time to visit either.  Maybe next time.


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