Another Year (2013): 3-for-3

Even in absentia, my blog lasts another year and turns 3 years old. 


With age comes change and thus my website gets a new look again.  That's three designs over three years.  Hopefully this one lasts longer because my technical support has already threatened to go on strike.   

Most of my readers have probably gone on strike as well.  Understandably so, given the dearth of posts this year.  I apologize for that and can only say that real life has almost completely overwhelmed my blogger life.  

To those few loyal readers who still visit from time to time, welcome to my new blog!

As a way of celebrating this blog's third anniversary, I am reviving the raffle contest.  I will be giving away prizes to three lucky readers. 3-for-3.  Three prizes for the third anniversary.  

Just leave one comment each on up to 3 Plantchaser posts.  Each comment will qualify you for a raffle entry.  All comments posted before 9:00pm (+0800GMT) Sunday, August 11 will qualify and the winners will be announced on Monday, August 12.


EDIT:  The contest has been extended to midnight of Sunday, August 11 per request of some people who did not have access earlier.   


*** Because of shipping restrictions (import/export permits, phytosanitary certificates, etc.) only local contestants will be considered although international reader comments will be very much appreciated. :D

***  No need for disclosure.  Prizes will come from my own garden.

The contest begins NOW!