Another Year (2012)

My blog turns 2 years old today!

What to do to celebrate?  Last year I held three raffle contests.  The first raffle was for my blogging friends.  The second raffle was for the people who "liked" my Facebook page.  The third raffle was for my Twitter followers.

This year, I thought a sort of recap would be appropriate.  You are too many to mention individually but I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you plant and garden bloggers who make my green blogosphere and feedburner so much more interesting.  Special thanks go out to:

Image from Donna's Buffalo Garden Walks. Used with permission.The wonderful, wonderful Donna of Garden Walk, Garden Talk and the Green Apples Garden blogs who has been with me almost since the beginning of my blogging.  When I first visited her blog, her posts were mostly about the Garden Walks that she was involved in.  So it is most appropriate, I think, that her latest post is once again about open gardens.  Why don't you join her on a tour of some of the best gardens in the Buffalo, New York area by clicking here?

Andrea's shot of coconut trees dominating the Philippine skyline. Used with permission.

Filipino bloggers such as:

  1. Andrea, one of the few bloggers I have met in person.  She never ceases to share her knowledge of native plants and her fascination for all things nature-related.  In her latest post, she shares with us non-oxygen producers from her farm in Southern Luzon.  Thank you for the Cycad that you generously shared with me.
  2. Okay, Alternative Eden is technically a half-Filipino blog but I check on it with bated breath, waiting to see what is happening to this twosome's pond.  Mark and Gaz have this ongoing Koi Pond Project and as luck would have it they have a new update just posted.  You can see the amazing work they have done by clicking here then click around some more to read about their visits to UK flower shows.
  3. Gardener and nurse rolled into one.  That's the blogger of Simple Garden Thoughts.  Her latest post, Compensatory Mechanism, sounds medical and sort of is but she relates it wonderfully to her Asplenium.
  4. Generous and gracious Lily, the Suburban Gardener who never tires of sharing her seeds with me so that I can experiment growing temperate plants in a tropical country.  
  5. Perla who is still rocking her garden at the young age of 70.  Pink popcorn, anyone?
  6. Last but not least, is Patrick.  He shares interesting facts about our native flora.  How about a cut flower Hoya for you?

A view of Loree's Danger Garden. Used with permission.

The internet makes the world seem like a smaller place and I am pleased to have met so many like-minded bloggers from other countries.  Why don't you hop, skip and jump around the globe by visiting their blogs and reading their latest posts?  Loree,  Steph,  David,  Deb,  Patty,  Catmint,  Frances,  Diana,  Esther,  Karin,  Alex,  Autumn Belle,  Noel,  Catharine,  Helen,  Holleygardens,  Alice,  b-a-g,  Denise,  Hortlog,  Lotusleaf,  Terra Farmer and Stiletto.  

Some of Diana's recent harvest. Used with permission

For vegetable gardens, I head over to:

  1. Diana's Kebun Malay Kadazan Girls.  She is based in Australia and her mid-Winter harvest is amazing.  I can't believe she is expecting an even bigger harvest in the future.
  2. Lrong Lim's Potager Y @ Japan.  A former pilot who now lectures and gardens in Japan.  Check out his latest harvest.

Cat's Light Through Parsley. Used with permission.

For beautiful plant photography:

  1. Donna from GWGT (see above)
  2. Cat, the Whimsical Gardener who creates wonderful imagery with the blooms and foliage of her garden
  3. Rosie of Leaves and Bloom.  She just started her series on Google+ and photography so if you're interested in joining her, you can start with the first of the series by clicking here.

My favorite view of Alistair's back garden. Used with permission.

Unfortunately, some of my favorite bloggers have decided to limit the frequency of their posts.  I completely understand how time-consuming it can be to prepare posts on a regular basis.  Still, I am happy that they continue to post and open their gardens to us.  

  1. Alistair and his gardens in Aberdeen.  I fantasize about having something like his back garden.  So lush and colorful.  Haha!  I bet you never thought you'd hear me say I like color.
  2. The blogger of Grace in Full Measure who I am almost certain is swamped by her work or by training for marathons.  Quite possibly both.
  3. Mr. Sujunctive is on hiatus but his Plants Are The Strangest People still has auto posts of orchids.
  4. Fer, is posting again albeit not yet regularly about his little garden in Japan.  He is probably busy with his studies.

My Tillandsia capitata 'Marron'

I am more saddened by the fact that some of the bloggers have not been posting for some time.  I hope they are just taking a break and I eagerly await their return.  Solitude Rising, A Matter of How You See It, Onenezz, Somersault Clouds, Rosey Pollen, Angel turned Blogger.  

Unfortunately,  Paul, with his sense of humor, passed away last January and he will be missed.

My favorite Tillandsia ionantha clump.

Ending on a happier note.  A blogger previously lost has again been found.  Lui has a new blog.

Thank you again to everyone who has commented on this blog and who fill my free time with lots of interesting gardening reading.  Here's to another blogging year.  Cheers!


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