PC goes to Malagos Part 2

I told you before that there's a huge orchid farm just across the street from Malagos Garden Resort.

Why did Plantchaser cross the road?

In order to write this post.

How long did it take for Plantchaser to cross the road?

Very long.

The first part of this entry was posted ages ago (circa January 2013) but, as promised, welcome to Malagos Orchid Farm.

Above is a photo of me inside the farm's greenhouse. Actually, this greenhouse is a display area for all sorts of plants that are for sale in the farm including its specialty orchids. I did a bit of windowshopping and took the following photos.

PVM 09- Kagawara Christie Low

PVM 76 - Mokara chark kuan orange

PVM 84 - Mokara luenberger Gold

Mokara Moonlight

PVM 75 - Mokara sayen x Ascussenda bonanza

PVM 78 - Mokara yellow

Spathoglottis Hybrid

PVM 70 - Velthius alba x vanda puntong

A lot of you know that I am not really into flowers but these orchids just blew me away. The colors and shapes are just amazing. Okay, I must admit I just recently bought mysellf a Dendrobium anosmum (yellow) and a Grammatophyllum NOID. Okay, okay, I also have a Cymbidium. Not a single orchid has flowered for me. I will wait for that day and I hope the wait will not be as long as this post.

Anyhow, who needs a nice DSLR camera and photoshop when orchid flower is your subject?

PV 2 - Vanda Sanderiana

Ahhhhh.....the Waling-Waling (Euanthe sanderiana/Vanda sanderiana) is the queen of the Philippine orchids. It is endemic to the southern island of Mindanao. It is considered as the most beautiful orchid in the Philippines. This is probably also the reason why the Waling-Waling has sprouted countless hybrids.

It is critically endangered (Appendix 1 of CITES). In fact, it almost became extinct but thanks to Charita Puentespina, who in 1985 pioneered the mass production of the plant through embryo culture, it is now available in most orchid nurseries.

On February 4, 2013, the Philippine Senate approved a bill declaring the Waling-Waling as the Philippine National Flower alongside Sampaguita. The approval of the measure placed the Waling-Waling under protection. So i guess the Waling-Waling is here to stay.

***Thanks go out to Rex and Jen Puentespina, Jessie Carugda and the rest of the POTPI staff for the IDs.