Lips Tulips

This flower oozes with sex appeal.

There's something about tulips that I find sexy. This is probably the reason why I gave my wife a bouquet of tulips when I proposed. I just knew she couldn't say no to a tulip.

The tulip is usually associated with The Netherlands (aside from windmills, the infamous plant Cannabis sativa and the sexy Red Light District) but it actually has a very wide distribution from western Europe to China. I was in The Netherlands last month in the middle of spring. So this is what I got:

I took this video of the tulips fields of Leiden, about 30 minutes outside of Amsterdam. Tulips porn.

In the middle of Amsterdam is the Hortus Botanicus, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world (Est. 375 years ago!!!). Ever since I became the Plant Chaser, I see to it that I visit a local botanical garden when I travel. Of course, there are tulips in there and lots of them. 

Now it's time to ogle these sexy flowers.

Tulipa acuminata Vahl ex. Hornem (yellow and red)

Tulipa (Lily Flowered Group) 'Ballade' (Pink and White, culture variety from 1953)

 Tulipa (Triumph Group) 'Couleur Cardinal'. (Red, culture variety from 1845)

 Tulipa (Single Early Group) 'Lac van Rijn'. (Purple and white, culture variety from 1620)

 Tulipa linifolia Regel. (Yellow, from North Iran to Tajikistan)

 Tulipa linifolia Regel. (Red, from North Iran to Tajikistan)

 Tulipa (Breeder Group) ' Mabel'. (Pink, culture variety from 1850)

 Tulipa (Single Late Group) 'Philippe des Comines'.  (Black, culture variety from 1891)

 Tulipa saxatilis Sieber ex Sprengel. (Lilac, from Crete, SW Turkey)

 Tulipa (Fringed Group) 'Vincent van Gogh'.  (Purple-red, culture variety from 2011)

 Tulipa vvedenskyi Botschantz. (Orange-red, from Central Asia)

 Tulipa 'Yellow Purissima'.

So what do you do with this sexy flower? You kiss it. Just like what you do with sexy women.