A Tour of De Hortus

I promised you this post way back in May of this year.

I already featured the tulips of the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam in an earlier post entitled "Lips Tulips".  Do click on the link if you have not read it yet.  By the way, did you know that the tulip is not the official national flower of the Netherlands?  

From our apartment in Jordaan, including a side trip to the Rijksmuseum, the Hortus Botanicus was a good 1 hour leisurely walk. Along the way, we enjoyed the sights of canals, bicycles, canals, bicycles and more canals and bicycles. The morning at the Rijksmuseum and the long walk built up the excitement since a garden visit is always a highlight of any trip for me. I don't look excited right? 

My first glimpse of de Hortus.

My first glimpse of de Hortus.

Founded in 1638 to serve as an herb garden for doctors and apothecaries, the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world.

Wisteria sinensis growing along the walls. 

First stop was the outdoor garden. This area of the Hortus Botanicus showcases a number of interesting plants. Among the plants that piqued my interest are those shown in the gallery below.

Aside from the outdoor gardens, we also visited the Butterfly, Palm and Three-Climate Greenhouses. The latter was particularly interesting as it contained diverse plant collections from all over the world including my favorites Tillandsias and cycads. My children had a fun time exploring the garden and the forest from the canopy (The Tree Top Walk).

The Hortus Botanicus is a perfect place to get hungry because of The Orangery. It is a restaurant housed in a very nice building with awesome food and more awesome servers. My family and I enjoyed our lunch break here. Drooling is allowed while looking at the food pictures. 

The building was established in 1875 as lecture hall.  It was remodeled as an orangery (storage place for citrus plants) around 1915 but now serves as the The Orangery Museum Cafe.  All the dishes on the menu consist of pure organic ingredients.

Pancake of zucchini, prawn, garlic with a cocktail sauce.

Croque Monsieur with ham and cheese.

Tartare of salmon on a salad of celeriac, potato and anchovy.

Roll with smoked rib eye with a hummus of beetroot.

On the way out is The Hortus Store. I didn't get an import permit before I left the Philippines so there was no plant shopping for me.

Wishing I could take several home.


The vedict: Hortus Botanicus beats the Red Light District by a mile. 

For more information, visit the official website of De Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

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