Orchid, Figuratively

Long-time readers of my blog know that my true loves are tillandsias and cycads (fact) although these are complemented by several flowering plants.  

Tillandsias flower but the flowers do not really conform to the traditional look of a flower.  Tillandsia flowers are small with almost non-existent petals and grow on colorful candlesticks (metaphor) called inflorescence wiggling its way out of the plant (personification).   Tillandsias and cycads grow very slowly and it takes a long time for them to bloom or flush leaves like a clock that forever ticks .............. tik tok tik tok tik tok tik tok (onomatopoeia).

Before, I once swore (assonance) I would never go in to this.  I was hesitant to venture into orchids knowing the expense involved in collecting the thousands of species (fact) and probably a quadrillion hybrids (hyperbole) out there.  My pocket hurts (fact) enough like a deeply cut wound (simile) trying to collect cycads alone.  

I'm so sincerely sorry (alliteration) about this style of writing.  I just heard my daughter a while ago reviewing for her English exam on figures of speech.

As you can see from the picture above, I changed my mind.  Orchid is the never that happened (oxymoron).

Unfortunately, I don't know the species of this orchid but it has been identified as belonging to the genus Eria.   It is a native species of the Philippines.  I was told that it likes very humid conditions and rains and grows well side by side with bird's nest ferns.  It usually flowers twice to thrice a year.  Not bad at all compared to Tillandsias.

It produces lovely but short lived flowers.  In my case, the flowers lasted only for five days.  Something I never got tired of seeing over and over again. 

Manila has experienced terrible terrible monsoon rains in the past few weeks.  The rains have brought floods, power outages, heavy traffic and misery to the residents of the metropolis.  However, amidst all these misfortunes, the rains have also brought me this beautiful sight after the storm.  Pending its exact ID, I will temporarily call this orchid Eria "Nice to see you, to see you, nice!" (chiasmus).


This has been identified by Architect and Landscape Designer, Patrick Gozon, of Our Philippine Trees as Cylindrolobus elisheae ( whose basionym is Eria elisheae P. O'Bryne ).  

This species' distribution is Quezon province in the Philippines.  

Thank you, Patrick!