Throwback Thursday

I just realized that I have a meme thing going on.  Welcome to Throwback Thursday.  Welcome to Annie's.  Circa 2012.

Excited to go in.  Myself with my two insects (the ant and the bee) and my cousin, Maybelle.

Excited to go in.  Myself with my two insects (the ant and the bee) and my cousin, Maybelle.

I discovered  Annie's Annuals and Perennials via Loree of Danger Garden.  At the time of her post, my family and I were already planning a trip to the USA and plant lust just overcame me and I had to schedule a visit on my remaining free half-day.  Many thanks to my cousin Maybelle who picked us up in San Francisco and drove us all the way to Richmond just to watch me drool. 

Annie's is known for its huge stock of succulents.  Succulents are plants that can hold water in its leaves so it only requires a little watering.  A lot of succulents have thorns and spines that can really hurt you that's why I love them.   I have a number of agaves and dyckias in my garden.  Everytime I remove the weeds I bleed.  My fault because I don't want to wear garden gloves. It lessens the excitement of weeding.  Yes, I am a masochist.

Just a small part of the Annie's.  Look at the variety!

Just a small part of the Annie's.  Look at the variety!

It took me around two hours to explore the place.  A lot of succulents caught my attention.  This is an understatement.  I was salivating.  I was raring to buy but unfortunately travel plans and lack of customs and quarantine documents prevented me from doing so.  Still, I enjoyed the whole experience of looking at some gorgeous plants and knowing that I couldn't take them home. Yes I am a masochist.

Aeonium spp.

This yellow beauty looks like a variegated Agave potatorum which I have in my garden. The leaves form a perfect rosette. 

Group planting of succulents. 

When I was a kid I thought cacti do not flower. Whatever this is it surely is beautiful.

NOID Bromeliad


Some genera of bromeliads are considered as succulents like Dyckias, Hechtias and Puyas.

Crassula erosula 'Campfire'

This plant is called campfire because the tip of the leaves is colored red and looks like an ember burning on a ............ campfire.

Dyckia spp.

A multi-headed Dyckia shooting a very tall inflorescence.

Dyckia heaven

Puya chilensis.

Puya coerulea

These two Puyas are native to Chile. They grow on arid hills and are very slow growing. They take twenty years or more to flower. I don't have Puyas yet in my collection but I am intent in growing them even if they will only flower past my retirement age. Yes I am a masochist.

By the way, Annie's have loads of flowering annuals too. The riot of colors is still very vivid in my memory and worthy of another Throwback Thursday post.