Welcome To My Garden

While preparing for this post, I have come to realize a few things.

1)  I am using the title a year late.  Isn't this what the garden blogs are expected to start off with?

2)  It's been a few weeks since I stuck to my tagline of "one plant at a time" but what is one more week, right?

3)  I have shown you only 33 of my plants! Yes, I counted.  My main concern when I started this blog was that I would run out of plants to post about. However, at the rate that I am posting (obviously not often enough) and assuming I don't acquire any new species, I have more than enough blog material for the next 5 to 8 years.  Imagine that!  That is if I ever end up blogging that long.

4)  My posts tend to favor my passions, namely tillandsias and cycads.  While I am admittedly not a "flower person" or what Loree of Danger Garden describes as "super flower focused", I do admire flowers.  I may have just portrayed myself as having none of my own.

5)  Lastly, limiting myself to just "one plant at a time" has prevented me from joining in on Carol's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day which started in February 2007.  This post changes that.  Today, I plan to share much more than the usual.

A caveat before I welcome you to my garden:  this post is loaded with images.  If you don't mind that then let's start with the plants in front of the perimeter wall.  Most of these plants were already present when we bought our house.

We then proceed inside the wall and look around the front of the house . . .

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