The Painted Cycad

Wow!  I just realized that it has been a month and a day since I last posted.  

Explanations first.  

I decided a while back to limit my posts to weekends which is when it is most convenient for me to take pictures and research.  The past weekends, however, have not been conducive to blogging which is why there have been no posts from my end.  It also explains why I haven't been commenting on your blogs.  The number of Google Reader items to read to play catch up = Scary!  I already started last night but I've barely made a dent in the numbers.  

There were two long weekends to enjoy last month, one of which was spent out of town communing with nature at our favorite go-to mountain home.  Here is a picture of Pals (from the "Plant Clinic" post) and I heading down to the stream for a swim.  You can almost make out the stream above my head.

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Plant Clinic

A clinic is defined as:

  • a place or hospital department where outpatients are given medical treatment or advice, esp. of a specialist nature
  • an occasion or time when such treatment or advice is given
  • a gathering at a hospital bedside for the teaching of medicine or surgery 


  • a conference or short course on a particular subject

My wife is a doctor so while she deals with "clinics" on a daily basis, I do not.

My kids had a tennis clinic last summer and so I thought why not involve myself in a clinic too.

Remember my Dyckia 'Platyphylla'?  I posted about the Dyckia the first time it bloomed.

Well, it bloomed again.

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