A Plant Addict in Cavite

Remember Paul from my Plant Clinic post?  He and his wife, Michelle, have become avid tillandsia collectors. Michele works at a university with a Centennial Garden and Botanical Park where she happened to find, surprise, surprise, tillandsias.  It turns out that the airplants were being brought there and cared for by Joel N., a consultant of the university's Environmental Resource Management and Campust Development Office and another tillandsia lover.  He invited Michelle and Paul to visit his collection and I invited myself (hehe) and tagged along.

Joel lives south of Metro Manila and to avoid traffic, we decided to visit him on a Sunday.  Here is a quick peek through the grills of Joel's gate.  His plot is filled with plants.

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The Amazing Chase

I had been planning for some time to go get myself some new plants.  Then cousins flew in from the USA and I offered to host a dinner for them that same evening I was going plant buying.  Yes, plants and cousins all in one day.  My main goal being to buy new plants and get back home in time to prepare a 4-course dinner for my lovely cousins, Maybelle & Sonia, Manila-based Heidi and my sister Maricar who were joining us.

Join me as I recount this amazing chase.


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Phil Keoghan by Jennifer Boyer. (CC BY 2.0)

***For best results, you'll have to channel Phil while reading this.


Welcome to Metropolitan Manila.  Composed of 16 cities, it is  the National Capital Region of the Philippines.  It is from here that I embarked on a quest for must-have plants. 

My first task was to get up and depart at 3:40 am.

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