Flushing Cycads

Cycads are very slow growers compared to other plants. My Encephalartos caffer hasn't produce a single leaf in almost two years. The gardener's patience is almost always severely tested. But some guys get lucky like the guy writing this post . The onset of the rainy season must have triggered something in my garden. Look at these cycads, zamias, cycas and dioons, all flushing at the same time.


Support the Seedling

I beg your indulgence.  This is one of my rare non-plant posts.

My son started his own blog, Luis' Taste of Life, which is mostly about food but with a few other experiences thrown in.

To me, he is like a seedling in a rainforest of blogs.  I invite you to visit his blog to read a child's frank, unfiltered take on things.

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