Bloggers in my Family

My cousin, Nina, and co-bloggers Lindsay and Janna, write about everything they love, especially BOOKS.


My son's blog about food and the good things in life.


Food & Travel Blogs

Aside from gardening, my other passions are food and travel. When circumstances prevent me from enjoying gustatory delights and experiencing the wonders of new (and sometimes familiar) places, I live vicariously through these blogs.

  • 80 Breakfasts

    Written by ChichaJo, a lover of travel, food, fashion, books, the beach and breakfast.


  • Alice's Garden Travel Buzz

    All about gardens that stir the imagination and spark dreams of a once-in-a-lifetime soujourn. (Last post August 2013)


Kanak used to run the Terra Farmer blog but has since shifter her attention from plants to food.


  • Eye on Wine

    Noel's diary of meals and the wines that went with them.


  • Market Manila

    A food blog that talks about food, produce, recipes, ingredients, restaurants and markets in the Philippines and around the globe.



  • 1784

    A country home-in-progress, at a coffee farm in the Malaráyat foothills. (last post September 2013)