Before I started this blog, I didn't realize that there was a whole world, literally and figuratively, of garden blogs out there. I am so glad to have discovered them and hope that you also find the time to visit and enjoy the other gardens.

  • Aberdeen Gardening

    Alistair and his wife Myra have been gardening for over 40 years. Read their stories, browse through their pictures and learn from their experiences in their gardens in Aberdeen and Chesire.

  • Africanaussie

    Enjoy this tropical garden in North Queensland Australia

  • Alternative Eden

    Mark and Gaz are keen gardeners who have taken on the challenge of growing a tropical garden in Bedfordshire, UK.

  • Andrea in this Lifetime

    Nature photography, plants and ornamental species and other interesting animal encounters from Andrea's travels.

  • Danger Garden

    So named because 1) the blogger loves plants with spines or spurs that can hurt you. 2) of the danger of spending too much money on gardening and 3) because she uses plants that are barely adaptable to her climate.

  • Deb's Garden

    Deb is neither a horticulturist nor a landscape professional. She has been gardening for some time and credits her knowledge and experience to books, journals, other gardeners plus trial and error.

  • Elephant's Eye

    Diana chronicles her wildlife gardening in Porterville, South Africa.

  • The Galloping Gardener

    The blog of Charlotte who travels the world to visit gardens and share the best ones with us.

  • Gardening Pomona

    Patty, in her current roles as gardener, horticulturist and blogger, discusses the trials and tribulations of her personal garden.

  • Garden Walk, Garden Talk

    Donna, a Master Gardener and architect, blogs about the beauty and creativity found while gardening in Niagara Falls, New York.

  • Hoe and Shovel

    Meems blogs about her central florida garden where she combines Florida natives, Florida-Friendly plants, and tropicals.

  • Island Threads

    Frances Caple features photos and stories about an island off the northwest coast of Scotland.

  • It's Not Work, It's Gardening!

    This is Alan's "diary" as he creates and maintains his suburban St. Louis garden. Read his daily posts about his plants, projects and discoveries.

  • Kebun Malay-Kadazan Girls

    Diana is a novice gardener who started gardening to ensure that the family's vegetables are chemical free. She writes of the trials of growing tropical and cool climate vegetables in Adelaide, Australia. (Last post December 2013)

Aleem, a businessman, shares his love for plants through very informative posts about their cultivation and habitat. Featured are plants from his collection.

  • My Little Vegetable Garden

    Bangchik and Kakdah invite you to join them on their adventure into home vegetable gardening in Putrajaya, Tanah Merah, and Johor Malaysia.

  • My Nice Garden

    Autumn Belle's adventures in container gardening, native and rare plants and the tropical rainforests of Malaysia.

  • Our Philippine Trees

    Patrick Gozon is a plant enthusiast who shares interesting facts that he learned and collected about Philippine native flora.

  • A Plant Fanatic in Hawaii

    Enjoy Noel's photography as he finds new amazing plants, discovers the variegated and colorful, rare specimens, develops his garden, and learns about sustainability.

  • Plants are the Strangest People

    Mr. Subjunctive has 930 plants at home (excluding cuttings, seeds, a terrarium, outdoor stuff, aquarium plants, etc.) as of 11 Feb 2012, which was the last day this number changed. When not tending plants, he talks and writes about tending plants.

  • Potager Y @ Japan

    Lrong grows about 45 types of vegetables and 20 types of fruits. Read about the thrills and challenges of a Malaysian "student-gardener" and his garden in Japan.

  • Practical Gardening

    Easy-to-do tips and guides for inexpensive and worry free gardening by Gardener Black.

  • Solitude Rising

    A chronicle of a "Long Distance Gardener" as he transforms his land into an integrated farm and tropical garden retreat.

  • Talking Plants

    Every plant has a story to tell. In this blog the stories are relayed to us by esteemed botanist Tom Entwisle.