Green Living with Orchids

The Philippine Orchid Society, Inc. is hosting its 65th Mid-Year Orchid and Garden Show at the Quezon Memorial Circle on August 25 to September 5, 2011.

Entrance fee:

PHP 25.00 (~USD 0.60) for  the general public.

PHP 20.00 (~USD 0.50) for students and senior citizens with valid ID's.

The following lectures are scheduled throughout the course of the show and all start at 2pm unless otherwise indicated:

Aug 26 Growing Monopodial Orchids by Mr. C.V. Lazaro
Aug 27 Bonsai Growing by Mr. Modesto Manglicmot
Aug 28 Developing New Hybrid using Philippine Species by Mr. Jun Golamco
Aug 29 Growing Unusual Native Plants by Mr. Anthony Arbias
Aug 30 Marketing Plants Thru the Internet and eBay by Mr. Jose "Tata" Montilla
Aug 31 Philippine Orchid Species by Ms. Ana Ruth Conde
Sept 1 Flower Arrangment by Mr. Antonio Padilla
Sept 2 Plant Nutrition by Allied Botanical Corporation
Sept 3 Growing Cattleyas for Fun and Profit II by Ms. Vangie Go
Sept 4 Indoor Gardening by Mr. Serapion Metilla
Sept 5 2pm Understanding Orchids in their Native Habitat by Mr. Wally Suarez
Sept 5 3pm Start Your Own Flower Garden by East West Seed Company


I hope to see you there especially during the long weekend. 

For my post on the Philippine Orchid Society Show earlier this year, click on this link.