Paul T. Isley III in Manila

Paul T. Isley IIIWell respected and highly regarded Tillandsia expert Mr. Paul T. Isley III of Rainforest Flora, Inc. is coming to Manila!

Paul Isley was introduced to tillandsias while a student at UCLA in the 1960's. He was fascinated by these incredibly unique looking plants that grew with no soil. A few years after he graduated from UCLA from with a degree in Economics, he and a friend traveled through Mexico and Guatemala collecting some plants. Paul flew back up to Los Angeles from Guatemala City in the summer of 1974 and a few months later he began gluing them onto pieces of grapewood and offering them at swap meets and arts and crafts fairs.

- from the Rainforest Flora, Inc. website


Mr. Isley published his first book "Tillandsia" in 1987.  

This comprehensive book on "air plants" details botanical, cultural and historical information about Tillandsias.

It has over 350 photographs and illustrations which beautifully complement the wealth of information Mr. Isley provides.  He discusses plant care in general then delves into the details of over 50 species.  There are also chapters on history, botanical nomenclature, pronunciation, taxonomy, evolution and biology.

Personally, this my go-to book for any air-plant related concerns.  The pages are well thumbed-through and I find that I refer to the book more often than any of my other botanical books.

When you read a book that much and said book has a sequel, then it is only natural to want to have that sequel as well.  In fact, if you check the book section on the right side bar of my home page the sequel is listed as topping my list of must-haves.

Book price, P6,000.00. Available starting April 17, 2011.

It is with great pleasure, therefore, for me to announce that Mr. Isley will be in Manila to give a lecture on Tillandsias and to launch his second book, Tillandsia II (of course).  

Longer than the its predecessor, this book is now considered the most comprehensive book ever written on Tillandsias.

Definitely a must-have for Tillandsia collectors!

Definitely a must-have for ME!!!




To reserve a copy of of the book, send an email to Rex Puentespina.